About Us

Hi there!  Welcome to our blog!  This will be a collaborative effort between myself and my children to share our outside-the-box lifestyle and all the great things we love with you.  We are a large, sometimes nomadic, adventure-loving, special needs family enjoying this crazy path we’re on and making the most of the bumps in the road along the way.

Let me give you a quick intro to our bunch of crazies.

There’s myself, Carrie, I am a passionate, seasoned, homeschooling mom to 5 great kids ranging in age from teens to toddler. I am a life-long lover of everything gymnastics and anything that gets you up, moving, and out exploring.  I’m also not fully human in the mornings until I’ve gotten my yoga in for the day and downed a strong cup of sugarless tea.






Logan is our oldest.  He’s 14, an artist to the core, and can often be found tinkering with different molten metals and otherwise crafting things out of scraps.









Colby is 13 and is our farmer and outdoorsman.  If he’s not in the barn milking cows or cleaning pens, you’ll find him in a field bailing hay, calling in turkeys, or fishing down at the creek.










Samantha is our in-house chef.  At the ripe old age of 12, she is well-seasoned in the kitchen.  She’s currently working on a cookbook and a youtube channel to support her love of baking.










Bradley is 9 and is our gamer, loves all things baseball, ninja, and dance, and is also our crazy math-ter-mind who enjoys playing with numbers.










Amelia is 5 and is our little princess.  She has a very rare genetic disorder that makes typical day-to-day things difficult.  But she’s a ray of sunshine.  She’ll pop on here, vlog style, from time to time to let everyone know how she’s doing.