Amelia’s Story – 2021 Update

Let’s see….2020…..Gosh, that was a strange time, wasn’t it? It’s been so eerily quiet up here in Middle-of-Nowhere, Pennsylvania. There’s just not been a whole lot going on. It was a pretty quiet year for Amelia too, which is a very good thing! Amelia turned another year older in November, so she’s 9-years old now.

What else? Hmmmm…..

I don’t believe she’s seen the inside of a hospital or a clinic at all since I last spoke with you all. Part of that is (ovid-related but she really just hasn’t needed anything. We haven’t been ill through this at all, actually. And thank goodness! She still struggles with a number of frustrations but nothing outside the norm for her or dramatic enough to seek out care during the pandemic. She hasn’t seen any major, notable gains, but we haven’t had any regressions either.

Amelia’s speech continues to be a work in progress. She still talks as though English is her second language, but less so than in years past. Sentences are starting to come together more fluently and in the proper order. There are a good number of sounds she can’t make which is hugely frustrating to her though. We can understand what she’s trying to say much of the time but there are times that she’ll try and try to get her point across, and huff, “never mind!” in disgust. So, speech is coming slowly, but I’m hopeful that one day you’ll be able to hold a conversation with her and have no idea there was ever an issue. It’s just one of those things that takes some time. And that’s ok. I’ll take going slow over going backward any day.

Amelia still refuses to wear her glasses and her vision continues to be an enigma. Per her script, her eyes should bother the heck out of her, but they don’t. She doesn’t seem to be the least bit bothered by them. It’s the most peculiar thing! She had no vision at all as an infant. Then, it did come back but very strange. Her eyes bounced all over the place. Even while she was sleeping, you could see her eyeballs rolling around behind her eyelids. They still bounce around when she zones out. Outside of her eyes tracking when she’s not actively using them, her vision seems perfectly fine, even though her script says otherwise. I have to wonder if she didn’t hate her glasses so much that she forced her brain to work through whatever the discrepancy with her eyes was.

Go ahead and call me crazy for thinking a ridiculous thought like that. But….I have an uncle who wanted to fly for the military but couldn’t because his vision was terrible. So, he trained himself to work with what he had and flew fighter jets for 20 years with the Marines, and during the Gulf War too. How? I have NO idea! I just know that he did it and that you can accomplish some pretty incredible things when you put your mind to it. So, you never know!

We enrolled Amelia in a STEAM camp at the end of August. She’s done that a couple of times a week since and has done very well with it. She still can’t tell me her teacher’s name or what she learned there most of the time, but she has told me at pick-up time about Avery, and Rodney who gave her a cherry ring pop (emphasis on CHERRY 😂), and that she learned about sharks and the northern lights. She also genuinely misses her friends, even though they mostly remain nameless.

I think that’s really all the news on the health front. A couple of years ago, we made swimming without a floatie one of Amelia’s big goals. We even had her set up with weekly lessons with an incredibly patient instructor, and it was still a big, stinky, failure. She rarely cooperated during class and often went in very upset about, who even knows what, much of the time. We ended up throwing in the towel on that after about 9 months, because she was so resistant and we just weren’t getting anywhere with it. Every so often since then, we’d encourage her to try getting into the pool without the floatie, but we were met with that lovely, epic-level freak-out every time. So, imagine my surprise when she said to me about a month ago, that she thought it was time to pass her floatie on to Felicity. So, we did. And Amelia has been swimming like a little fish ever since.

Amelia's Story -2021 Update

We’re currently working on learning to read and write in school. Like everything else, it’s a very slow process. Some days she’s really into it and seems like she’s understanding what we’re doing and other days, not so much.

Amelia’s so much more than all of that though. She’s such a silly kid. She loves learning life hacks. A few months ago, she dumped a bunch of salt into a gallon of milk, (because she saw on Youtube that salt will keep the milk from spoiling), but didn’t tell anyone. For days our tea and coffee tasted WAY off and no one could figure out what the issue was. There was nothing wrong with the water. The milk smelled fine. Tea and coffee looked normal. We were all stumped! hahaha…. What a noodle! 😂

She absolutely adores dogs and horses…all animals, actually. She enjoys cavorting around the house like a horse, munching her cereal like a puppy (which drives me CrAzY because she always makes a mess), and making homemade dog treats. She loves her toys and her iPad and her baby sister who loves making messes every bit as much as she does. ❤

Amelia’s story from the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Amelia’s Story – 2021 Update

  • February 23, 2021 at 9:44 pm

    Never forget Amelia, Poppy loves you. You’re my sweetheart.

    • February 24, 2021 at 1:32 pm

      Amelia loves her Poppy too. 🥰


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