Drive Through a Working Bison Ranch!

There’s a bison ranch in Savona, New York, that you need to get out and see! The Mud Creek Bison Ranch is offering a FREE (donations accepted) drive-through tour that makes for the perfect Sunday, family outing.

You’ll remain in your vehicle for the entirety of the tour, so there’s no need to worry about masks or social distancing. You’re welcomed to roll down your windows, snap all the photos you’d like, and enjoy some fresh, country air.

Be sure to take note of the radio station posted on the fence as you’re entering the tour, and tune in! You’ll be glad you did! The ranch did a fantastic job explaining all things bison in a way that’s fun and engaging, so you don’t want to miss it!

On your way out of the gates, there’s a stand to purchase bison meat, in a number of different varieties, which you can do from your car. If you chose not to make a donation, this is another excellent way to support their farm and to try something new.

There is also has a drive-up, Hershey’s ice cream stand on the premises, which is easily accessible both on the way in and as you’re exiting if you’d like to enjoy a treat as you tour the ranch.

Mud Creek Bison Ranch was quite literally a breath of fresh air. It’s something fun and educational that can be done with your family during this crazy pandemic. If you’re looking for something to fill an afternoon with the family, we highly recommend it.

Mud Creek Bison Ranch
6130 Robie Rd
Savona, NY 14879

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