The Hammock Park in Pennsylvania You Need to See to Believe!

During our last wander through the gullet of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we stumbled on this fantastic hammock park!  Hammocks…as far as the eye can see!  Who knew such a ridiculous thing existed and what a great surprise that was!

“Hammock Park” as the kids have dubbed it, is more formally called Spruce Street Harbor Park and is located on the boardwalk behind Independence Seaport.  To access the park, you can utilize the Indepedence Seaport parking garage.  Then, once you’ve exited the parking area, take a direct right down the alleyway between the garage and the museum to the boardwalk.  You’ll pass a wall of locks (The Philadelphia Hope Fence, which we highly recommend oogling) before you come to the park.

Spruce Street Harbor Park is an excellent place to kick back for a while and enjoy a bite to eat from one of the many, great food trucks that line the sidewalk.  The kids had a wonderful time swinging around on the hammocks, rolling each other up like sausages in them, and crawling under and jumping over each other like they were a human jump rope.  It was a really great place to let off some steam and relax for bit before taking on more of the goodness Philadelphia has to offer.  The next time you’re in Philadelphia, consider adding that hammock park to your list of things to do.  You’ll be glad you did.

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