Steamtown National Park

Steamtown National Historic Park is located in the heart of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  It is comprised of a rather large museum and an impressive number of both fully functioning and retired antique trains.  There are a handful of different train cars, and even an engine that are all set up to walk into and explore.  In addition to that, they also offer inexpensive rides around the city in those antique trains almost daily and longer excursions sporadically as well.

The museum wraps around a working turntable and roundhouse with different areas for technology, innovation, and play.  A personal favorite of ours is the row of coal bins the kids can rummage through to find hidden objects.  We also enjoy sitting on the bench in the old station and listening to the recording of the sounds that would have come from the different stations in the area.

Bradley and Amelia checking out the caboose.

There’s even a full theater that plays the movie Steel and Steam, about a young boy growing up in the steam train era, every 30 minutes (which we watch every time we’re there and we highly recommend).

Before you leave the park, be sure to spend some time wandering around outside and looking over the plethora of different engines and railcars they have hanging around out there.  And don’t forget to check the schedule and pop into one of their great ranger-led lectures.  The rangers there are super friendly and we’ve learned a ton from them.

Bradley hanging out in the box car.

We are huge fans of Steamtown National Park and we visit often.  There are tons of great things to get into there and we learn something new every time we go.    If you haven’t stopped by this great, national park, you should put it on your list.  It’s well worth the trip.

*Side note: If you have a 4th grader, you and your family can get into Steamtown and our other national parks for FREE with the Every Kid in a Park Pass which you can sign up for here.  

Also, if your tummies are rumbling after your time at the museum, consider meandering over the passenger bridge that connects the museum to the Marketplace at Steamtown to grab a bite to eat.  The bridge also gives a very nice view of the railcar graveyard adjacent to the park.  


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