Creator Con

Hello, this is my first blog entry and I’m going to be reviewing my day at Silver Spring, Maryland’s very own *Creator Con*.

First we all got up and around at about 5:00am.  We then got in the car, plugged in the GPS, and away we went.   We stopped an hour into the long hall so mother could fill up on gas and go tinkle.

*Side note: If you go anywhere with my mom be prepared to go on lots of bathroom breaks. And if Colby goes, be prepared to wait about 30 to 40min for him.  Rushing them only makes them go slower.*

After trying to buy breakfast which was a fail (only mom can fail at buying breakfast), we got back on the road and now we only had one hour of buffer time to get there on time.

After a few more bathroom breaks that included Sheetz,  Dunkin Donuts, Sunoco, a McDonalds that would have been a Chick-Fil-a if mom could have found it, a BP station, and a rent a john outside of where the convention was held, the GPS told us we had finally made it.  We ate lunch quick and got in line to go in.  The first 500 people through the door got swag bags and we wanted to be sure we got one….and we did.

Swag Bag Goodness

Brad and I won a free snow cone playing the bomb diffusing game in the first game room we came to.  Then we moved on to the Minecraft room that was supposed to be for creating futuristic modes of transportation but really was for the local delinquents to fill the worlds with mini penises and one giant erection on the mountaintop.

Also in the Minecraft room was Super Smash Bros.  I played as Link and Bradley played as Greninja where he proceeded to cream me on both rounds….and won two lollipops as a result.

We wandered around looking for other things to do when we found a bunny rabbit game that Amelia just couldn’t get enough of.  When she was done with it, I took it on and won like a champ.  We also played a few rounds of Mario Cart.

Then we meandered through the art gallery where local artists showcased their work. Most of it was pretty good.  Most notably, the “What my Cat did Today” comic book.  Just kidding.  That was just silly but I appreciate their effort.

We’d decided at that point that we’d had enough, so we headed home.  We stopped again for a multitude of potty breaks and also for some yummy, ice cream at a stand outside of Harrisburg.  We spent almost 10 hours on the road for 4 hours of gaming fun.  The convention was just ok.  But I’m glad we went down and checked it out.



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