The Great Escape of 2015 – Day 8- Sequoia & Kings National Parks


Day 8- On our last trip west, the kids and I were able to explore Sequoia & Kings National Parks.  The hubs had never been there so we took a day to enjoy it again….because walking amongst giants is really fun.

Distance wise, Yosemite and Sequoia & Kings really aren’t that far apart but we still ended up spending the majority of the day on the road.  We drove past tons upon tons of orange groves…and also people in full hazmat suits spraying some of those fields.  If they can’t touch it, should we really be eating it?  Just a little something to think about before you devour your produce without washing it first.

Anyway, we stopped at a couple of different farmers’ markets along the way, made sizable donations to their businesses, and walked away with bushels of citrusy goodness.  The one farm stand even allowed the kids to frolic in their orange crops, which was pretty cool.  We have lots of fruit farms back east but it’s far too cold for citrus so that was really nice of them to let my crazies explore their fields.

Lunch and snacks for the next few days were the ridiculously sweet and juicy oranges and strawberries we harvested from those stands.  They.  Were. SO. Good!  That’s another thing that comes up in conversation regularly: When are we going back to Cali so we can feast on their amazing fruits?

Coming from Yosemite, you enter through Kings Canyon National Park and exit through Sequoia via a 2-ish hour long stretch of road.  Kings Canyon has some impressive Sequoia trees and is home to the General Grant tree which has been used for celebratory purposes over the years.  There was a thunderstorm looming that day and since the trail loop to see the General Grant tree was super short (just a third of a mile but through a great stretch of forest), we took some time to meander through it.

We all enjoyed the enormous trees and pinecones and briar prickers the size of our hands.  The stroll through the trunk of the fallen Sequoia was also very neat.

That storm did catch up with us shortly after we arrived back at the car, so that was the end of our exploring at Sequoia & Kings.  We enjoyed watching the massive trees pass us by as we drove out of the forest and down the windy switchbacks to our next hotel (another Best Western) at the bottom of the mountain in a town called Exeter.


This was another very average Best Western but it was clean, everything worked (including the bathroom lock which doesn’t function properly in at least half of the places we’ve ever stayed), and breakfast was plentiful.  Good enough.

Dinner was pizza from a local pizza joint which was FAR better than whatever it was that the Dominos threw together back in Colorado, followed by falling asleep to Grown Ups on the tube.  We were only 8 days in, and while we were having the time of our lives, we were becoming incredibly pooped.  Hopping time zones and climbing and descending mountains like we’d done was wearing on all of us so we were perfectly happy to just enjoy our dinner and go to sleep.  We didn’t even have it in us to take a peak at the pool.

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